Being a member of CENCAM means being part of one of a multidisciplinary group of experts working on CKDu. These include medicine (Nephrology), epidemiology, occupational health, and public health. CENCAM is a consortium that seeks to increase international collaboration to conduct CKDu research in order to reduce the burden of CKDu in Central America and Mexico.

Who can become a member of CENCAM?

Any researchers, clinician, clinician-researchers and public health advocate actively involved in knowledge generation relevant to CKDu.

Full member:

Any clinician or researchers who a) has shown a continuous interest in the epidemic of CKDu for not less than two years as documented by publications (local or international), b) has been involved or collaborated in a research project on CKDu in Central America or any other CKDu hotspot.

Each full member of CENCAM must play an active role in promoting the aims of CENCAM.

Members in training:

If you are a medical, public health, epidemiology, or occupational health student, you will need to provide a letter from your mentor confirming that your status under his or her supervision. After completing the training, “members in training” can apply to becoming “full members”.  Nephrology residents and postdocs (e.g., epidemiology, public health) are considered “members in training”.

The approval process 

Once applications are received by the permanent secretary (Dr Jennifer Crowe), they will be reviewed for acceptance at the next Board Meeting. The members will be notified via email as to whether the application was successful or not. Those not accepted can re-apply when fulfilling the criteria.

For those accepted, there is no fee for becoming a CENCAM member. 

All members adopt and must have to follow the misconduct law that CENCAM has approved in an extra-ordinary CENCAM meeting in xxxx. (I could not find this)

Those wishing to join should send their application (below) and a copy of a brief CV (5 page maximum) to Jennifer Crowe, CENCAM secretary at with a copy to We are currently accepting applications for researchers interested in forming part of CENCAM