Short Training Course

Prior to the Third International Workshop in 2019, CENCAM and its collaborators organized a pre-workshop training meeting in Liberia, Costa Rica,  on March 19, 2019, for 120 health care providers and personnel responsible for health surveillance in a CKDu-endemic region. This event was jointly organized by the Costa Rican Health Care and Social Security System (CCSS), the Costa Rican Association of Nephrologists, the Latin American Society of Nephrology and Hypertension (SLANH), and CENCAM. Dr. Ricardo Correa-Rotter (CENCAM /SLANH, México), Dr. Ramón García-Trabanino (CENCAM/SLANH, El Salvador), and Dr. Jennifer Crowe (CENCAM/Universidad Nacional,Costa Rica) gave presentations. The training included extensive discussion with those working in affected communities on topics such as  patient treatment, clinical course of the disease, ways to improve registries, and approaches to collaboration across institutions.  The need for this type of continuing education is essential and CENCAM is happy to collaborate to organize similar events in the future.