A comprehensive list of scientific publications on CKDu/MeN with comments is provided by courtesy of professor C-G Elinder, Karolinska Institute, Sweden. This list will be continuously updated.

Updated (June 2, 2020) review on MeN CKDu published reports

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A list of scientific publications of relevance for CKDu, as of May 2016, was compiled with papers ordered thematically: Background papers, Balkan Nephropathy/Aristolochic acid nephropathy, Biomarkers and clinics, CKD in a global perspective, and in specific regions or populations, Genetics, Pathophysiological pathways and measurements, Potential etiologies, Other. Also, a list of papers ordered by countries was included: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mesoamerica, India (Uddanam), Sri Lanka, North Africa and the Middle East.

Peer reviewed papers on CKDu   (from 2016)