Visibility and active engagement subcommittee has been organizing webinar series on CKDu and will be including other important related to epidemiological studies as well.

Intervention studies in CKDu/MeNLee Newman, MD
Jaime Butler-Dawson, Ph.D
David Wegman, MD
Jason Glaser, MSc.
October 6, 2020Yes
The Histopathology of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology in endemic regionsJulia Wijkstrom, Ph.DJune 25, 2020Yes
COVID-19 pandemic in CKDu/MeN regions: Creative solutions and future lessonsShuchi Anand, MD
Nishantha Nanayakkara, MD
Vicente Sánchez-Polo, MD
May 28, 2020Yes
Clinical characteristics and natural history of CKDuRamón García-Trabanino, MD, MSc, FASNFebruary 25, 2020Yes