The new CENCAM Board has been defining different strategies to increase CENCAM visibility and active engagement among CENCAM members and outside CENCAM. In order to achieve this goal and better organize our work, we have created subcommittees within the Board, including Clinical Issues, Visibility and Active Engagement, Literature Review, and Mission and Vision. All these subcommittees have been doing a tremendous effort on developing work plans for the coming year.

Visibility and Active Engagement Subcommittee

The Visibility and Active Engagement and Clinical Issues subcommittees have jointly developed a fantastic plan to share new knowledge or to discuss controversies about CKDu through live webinars by using social media like Twitter and Zoom. The aim is to share knowledge and discussion with CENCAM members and non-CENCAM members across geographic boundaries and provide the opportunities to learn from ongoing studies in CKDu.

Literature review subcommittee
Clinical Subcommittee

The goal of the clinical subcommittee is to highlight the similarities and differences between kidney disease in general, versus kidney disease affecting the specific communities in which Mesoamerican nephropathy/CKDu is endemic. Some of key issues of discussion & engagement by the clinical committee include:

1)     Strategies for population-wide screening that distinguish kidney disease from Mesoamerican nephropathy/CKDu

2)     The lack of ‘traditional’ risk factors in affected patients

3)     What simple strategies / tools to offer patients, given the context of no known

4)     Provision of treatment for people with advanced kidney disease

In addition to contributing to the CENCAM organized webinars, the committee is exploring opportunities to directly engage with medical trainees and health care workers in Mesoamerican countries, and pathways to providing consultations to countries with interest in our expertise.

Mission and Vision Subcommittee